About Me


I am Nicky.
I’m thirty-one years old.

Would you like my CV?

I am a daughter, a twin sister, an aunt, an older cousin.
I am an ex- wife. A friend, an acquaintance.
I am a doctor, an anaesthetist, a medic.
I’m a British South Afrikaaner. I speak 2 languages fluently (Afrikaans, English) 3 languages badly (Dutch, German and Norwegian) and can translate Latin.

I like the colour pink. And red. All colours really!
I LOVE glitter.
I love fairy-lights and flowers.
I enjoy chocolate and cake.
I love animals. All of them. Even the ones no one else particularly likes.

I’ve started knitting a hideously ugly blanket. Something that I can be proud of, something I created. The more outlandish and weird the better. I like to be a bit different.

You’re quite unconventional aren’t you?

My anaesthetic senior colleagues

I enjoy the outdoors. I like going for long walks. I pretend that I can sail and hike but really I’m an amateur. I can kayak and canoe and I do enjoy being on the water. I used to swim, and I used to be good at it too!

I try to do yoga, but my belly gets in the way of some of the poses. I jog, briefly. I’ve recently discovered Stand Up Paddle-boarding. Sometimes when I’m feeling extra healthy I cycle or go to the gym.

I like the rain. I like the threat of snow and floods. I enjoy thunderstorms. But most of all I like the sun.

I drink a lot of wine and coffee.

My favourite outfit is skinny jeans and a flowy top. Or a baggy dress and leggings with a denim jacket.

I am NOT a doormat, but I do tend to be a chameleon to please those I’m around, to make myself more appealing. I lose sight of what I am.

I’ve failed my anaesthetic exams three times. I’ve never failed academically before. I have failed at marriage (2 months, must be a record). I’ve been single since December 2018. I’ve failed in friendships.

I worry that people wont like the real me. That I’m not clever enough, not pretty enough, not fun enough. I could speculate why I feel like this but in all honesty, I am insecure.

This is my space to discover who I really am. To try thoughts out. To talk things through in my own way to understand myself better.

To find out who I am.

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